Case studies

Case Studies

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Read about how Facilipay has helped
shape payments for Facilities of all types.

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Learn how Facilipay helped Bannatyne Health and Fitness Club go completely cashless by integrating practical RFID wristbands to help members make purchases on-site.

Wrisbands for a Cashless Fitness Club

Payments for health and fitness clubs used to be challenging: with members not carrying wallets with them at all time. Going cashless is the perfect solution for Health and fitness clubs looking to provide a seamless payments experience of the future. With Facilipay, we provide all the tools you need to integrate a multi-location franchise under one eco-system.

Integrating Facilipay means always having access to the state-of-the-art cashless payments for Gyms. In October 2016, we rolled out a cashless system that integrated Bannatyne’s entire ecosystem across 85 difference locations in the UK.

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Central Bank of Ireland

Learn how the Central Bank of Ireland experienced a 45% increase in total transactions using LoyLap’s Cashless System.

Cashless for Ireland’s financial services regulator

The Central Bank wanted to incorporate a cashless payments system for the facility, that was cloud-based, best-in-class, highly secure and compliant with applicable regulations. This system was required to be hosted in an environment, external to the Central Bank’s network infrastructure, with an emphasis on continuous improvements, regular maintenance and support.

Facilipay in partnership with AIB Merchant Services, provided a holistic solution with setup and onboarding, digital wallet, online ordering and full suite management and reporting tools.

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Fern Dean

Learn how Facilipay’s flexible technology helped the Fern Dean elder care home to provide the best possible payment experience to their residents.

Providing a comfortable and easy to use cashless system for a modern nursing home

In considering how to improve resident’s payments experience and alleviate the hassle associated with monthly payments, the Fern Dean were exploring the possibility of making their nursing home entirely prepay cashless.

At the Fern Dean, the resident’s exposure to our technology is just their ID cards. At no point of time do they have to learn about mobile apps, payments, top ups etc. From the resident’s family member’s perspective, they can choose to engage with the app as they desire ie, constantly monitor and top up as they desire or set up a one-time auto topup instruction and not worry about engaging with the app at all.

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